Modern Applications

The Modern Applications race:

development teams producing higher quality applications faster

The scenario

The advent of new technologies has provided companies with new competitive skills but has also increased the competitive challenges around time to market and customer engagement.

The challenge

Most enterprises that are focusing on digital transformation are faced with the challenge of modernizing existing monolithic software and/or building lightweight new generation applications.

The answer

What organizations and their developers need is a modern approach towards application development, based on the paradigm of cloud containers, agile processes and distributed architectures.

The backbone of modern software delivery

The backbone of 
modern software delivery

When developing software, today’s developers needs some key foundational capabilities: microservices oriented architectures to support applications agility, CI/CD and devops for better efficiency and speed, container based scaling and high availability. Modern IT platforms and processes are increasingly central to the success of business initiatives.

The backbone of modern software delivery
The Entando fit with modern applications

The Entando fit with
Modern Applications

Entando is focused on providing a toolset to meet the needs for modern applications around UX convergence projects. Enterprises can take advantage of innovative UI patterns and distribute/replicate them throughout their enterprise, as part of the UX convergence process, while modernizing their software development processes.